Recovering deleted data in Canvas

Delete Page Image

Two easy-to-use methods to get your data back!

We all need to recover data at some point – a previous version of a file or a deleted course page we need to use again. The two methods detailed below will help you recover your lost data.

1. Recover previous versions of a page:

You can recover previous versions of a page in Canvas by accessing the Revision History for that page. To do this, click the options icon in the top right of the page you want to recover (the three vertical dots) to access the page options. From here select ‘View Page history’ to access your previous versions. 😀

Gif of restore process

2. Recover a deleted page: 

Canvas has a hidden feature called ‘undelete’ to recover deleted content from your courses. To access the feature simply add /undelete to the url of your course in your browser’s address bar. For example if your course url is 
your new url would be 
From here you can restore any previously deleted content!  😀
If you need any further help recovering lost data you can visit the Learning Technology office in the Library or contact us at

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