New Canvas Feature: Direct Share

Canvas have just released a useful new feature called Direct Share. This allows users with teacher permissions to copy items between canvas courses, and share content items with other teachers. Pages, assignments, quizzes and discussions can all be copied or shared from the pop-up options menu shown below.

You can copy items to any course you are an instructor on. This will include any assets such as files or images. When copying you will be prompted to choose the destination course, and a module within where the item will be placed.    

You can share items with other teachers within GSA. Again, this will include any assets such as files or images. Once the content has been sent, the recipient will receive a notification as shown below. It can then be viewed and imported into any of the recipient’s courses. 

For a step by step guide to using this new feature with individual pages please see the official Canvas documentation below:

How do I use Direct Share to send a page to another instructor?
How do I use Direct Share to copy a page to another course?

For further help using this or any other Canvas features please contact us in the Learning Technology Office in the GSA Library, or email us at

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