New Canvas Gradebook Features

The Canvas gradebook has been updated – New features mean workflow changes for the way instructors and admin support use the gradebook

Muting / Posting Policy

The new grade posting policy is the biggest change in the new gradebook. Previously, instructors or admin staff would mute an each assignment when creating it or prior to grading; then admin or tutors would unmute the assignment to release the grade. This was done in the gradebook by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon to mute or unmute (release) the marks. 
The New Gradebook allows instructors to set a Grade Post Policy for all assignments in a course with a few clicks. All GSA 19/20 courses have been set up with a ‘manual posting policy’, which means all course marks and feedback are hidden until manually posted. 

Grades are posted when the ‘eye’ is clicked in the top left corner of speedgrader and ‘Post Grades’ is selected.

New Gradebook Resources

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