Accessibility with Audio and Video

Accessibility regulations require that all video content published within Canvas contains subtitles, sometimes referred to as ‘closed-captions’ or ‘captions’.  A transcript of any dialogue based audio should also be provided. This applies to podcasts and other audio based formats as well.

Providing these additional accessible materials allows users to use screen readers and text-based search functions to easily locate specific information within a video or audio file, and also helps increase accessibility.

At GSA, we recommend hosting any audio or video content on GSA’s Planet eStream account. Planet eStream allows users to upload subtitle files to videos and upload transcripts to accompany videos.

So how do I get subtitles on my video?

Here are two suggested methods for generating captions for your audio and video.

Option 1. provides auto-transcription of audio and video files, and can create transcripts. A free account allows 600 minutes per month of transcription, and basic text export for creating transcripts.  The Learning Technology Office has  access to a pro account that supports SRT(subtitle) export.  Staff and students can email  with any subtitling or transcript requests or further for help and advice. 

Option 2. YouTube studio (Gmail account needed)

If you upload videos to YouTube ( you can keep them private), you can take advantage of Youtube’s automatic captioning system. Auto captions can then be edited and corrected using the YouTube Studio editor. You can then share the video with captions, or export an SRT (subtitle) file that can be added to the same video in Planet eStream. This cannot be used to create transcripts at present. Youtube has detailed information on using automatic captions with YouTube.
Here is an example of a video hosted on Planet eStream with subtitles and transcript, both created using auto-transcription.
PDF Transcript (Generated by

For more information and guides on creating accessible content please visit GSA’s Canvas for Staff Accessibility Module or email us at

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