Editing Captions / Subtitles within Planet eStream



In this tech tip for staff, I’ll show you how to edit subtitles directly within Planet eStream. This is useful to make quick edits and changes to existing captions.

Watch the video above or follow the intructions below.

  1. Navigate to your video on Planet eStream

  2. Click ‘Manage Subtitles’

    manage subtitles

  3. Click the ‘Go to Subtitle Editor’ button to open the editor

    open editor

  4. You won’t see any text to start off with. As you first need to select the subtitle track. Click select track in the top left of the editor. The track is usually labelled ‘EN’ short for English.

    select track

  5. You will now see the subtitles with each caption displayed as a time-based card. These cards have a start and end time. By default, the editor only shows cards in 30 second segments. To see cards for the whole video simply change the segment duration to entire duration. You can navigate the cards by scrolling and searching for specific content using search function.

    the subtitle editor

  6. Click to edit the text and make any changes required.
  7. Once you’re finished editing, remember to click Save.
  8. You can now use the back button in your browser to return to the main video page. You may need to refresh your browser page in order to view the changes.

    For further help with subtitling, please contact us at LThelp@gsa.ac.uk

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