Virtual Learning Environment FAQ

Virtual Learning Environment FAQ

How do I access the VLE?

You can access the VLE through any web browser at (Mozilla Firefox is usually most reliable if using a PC). Students: Use your GSA username (format: your first initial, full stop, surname and 1 = e.g. a.student1) and password (format: your date of birth DDMMYY) to log in. Staff: Use your GSA username (format: generally your first initial, full stop, surname = e.g. a.user) and GSA network password to log in.


What are My Courses?

When you log in to the VLE, there’s a box on the right hand side called ‘My Courses’. This is a list of all the academic courses that you have access to on the VLE. Students: There may only be one of these on your list, or there may be a couple if you are taking elective classes. You can access academic materials via these links. Staff: There may be several of these if you are teaching across programmes or years. There is one course for each year of each undergraduate programme in the VLE and dedicated academic programme courses for postgraduate programme.


What are My Communities?
Communities are general spaces for your part of the School or for support or administrative services. You’re likely to have a list of these – some subject-specific, some general. Students: For example, if you’re an Architecture student you’ll have an MSA general community as well as those for Archives and collections, Student support, etc. Staff: Similarly, if you’re a member of staff in Architecture, you’ll have an MSA general community as well as access to those for e.g. HR, Health and Safety, Finance, etc.


What do I do if these don’t look right?
If you don’t think you have the correct courses and communities available to you, email with a quick description. You can also take a look in the Course Catalogue and Communities Catalogue to see what’s available.


Where can I get help?
There are VLE help communities available to all students and staff in the VLE. If you have a specific query, please contact or call 0141 566 1419.