Connecting to WiFi as a visitor

This guide will help visitors to GSA Library – those who do not have student or staff login details – to connect their own device to WiFi.


In order to connect to WiFi as a visitor to GSA Library, you will need a username and password. Please see a member of staff at the Service Desk on Level 0, who will be able to issue one.

If you are likely to need WiFi access at weekends, or if you are a frequent visitor to the library who will require regular WiFi access, please inform the member of staff who will be able to set up appropriate access for you.

Take note of the username and password that the member of staff has issued to you.

The username will be your email address.
The password is case sensitive, and cannot be changed.

The staff member will be able to provide you with a copy of your login details, in printed form or as an email. They will be able to tell you for how long your Guest WiFi account will remain active, and retrieve your login details if you have forgotten them.

guestwifi_1Use your WiFi-enabled device to connect to the GSA-Guest-2 network.


Try to navigate to any web page in your browser. You should be automatically redirected to the GSA Guest Portal. If you are not automatically redirected, try typing in your browser’s address bar and pressing Enter. This should redirect you.

Enter the login details with which you have been provided, and click Sign On.

You should now be online.

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