Copyright Guidelines

Copyright is designed to protect the rights of writers, artists, photographers, publishers and other creators. These pages are for information only and are in no way a statement of copyright law.

The Glasgow School of Art holds the following licences:

Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)

The CLA licence permits us to make multiple copies of copyrighted material (for lecture handouts or printed coursepacks for example) for staff and students of the Glasgow School of Art only, if

  • the material is covered by the CLA Licence
  • a maximum of 10% / one chapter / one article is included
  • Glasgow School of Art owns an original published edition of the book or journal

The licence does not cover copying from:

  • Books or journals published in certain countries outside the UK
  • Books or journals published by individual publishers who do not participate in the CLA Licence
  • US publishers included in the list of excluded US publishers
  • Maps, charts, or books of tables
  • Printed music (including the words)
  • Tests or public examination papers whether published individually or in a collection
  • Any UK newspapers
  • Workbooks, workcards, or assignment sheets
  • Electronic books, journals and databases
  • Industrial house journals
  • Works specifically excluded by a special notice

Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA)

The newspapers included in our licence are:

  • Scotland on Sunday
  • Sunday Herald (Glasgow)
  • The Herald (Glasgow)
  • The Scotsman
  • Glasgow Evening Times
  • Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Evening Standard
  • Express, Express on Sunday, Daily Star
  • Financial Times
  • Guardian, Observer
  • Independent, Independent on Sunday
  • Mirror, Sunday Mirror, People
  • Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph
  • Times, Sunday Times, Sun, News of the World
  • and any magazines or supplements “forming part thereof or otherwise issued therewith”

The Times Literary / Higher Education / Education supplements are not included in this licence.

Our licence permits us to:

  • Make up to 250 copies of any article for “internal management purposes and the purposes of the instruction for students”
  • Make digital cuttings by scanning from most newspapers
  • Print digital cuttings
  • Include digital cuttings in study packs
  • Project digital cuttings by illumination onto a screen

Our licence does not allow us to:

  • Copy any photographs or advertisements
  • Copy the whole of any newspaper
  • Scan any article electronically, except to project it by illumination onto a screen, to transmit it by fax, or to use in teaching page-layout skills on a media studies course

Educational Recording Agency (ERA)

Our licence permits us to:

  • Record broadcasts for educational purposes only
  • Play those recordings to students, or allow students to borrow them, for educational purposes
  • Make copies of those recordings for educational purposes

Our licence does not allow us to:

  • Record Open University broadcasts
  • Record non-broadcast, non-scheduled programmes such as ‘catch-up TV’
  • Show any recording made under this scheme to an audience who have paid for admission
  • Sell or hire out recordings made under this scheme
  • Copy commercial tapes or videos under this scheme
  • Incorporate any recorded material into our own audio-visual or electronic productions

To request the recording of a programme, please complete our form.

Ordnance Survey (OS)

Our licence permits us to:

  • Copy OS maps for educational, research or teaching purposes, for internal use in the Glasgow School of Art
  • Reproduce OS maps as location maps in printed prospectuses or brochures, for educational, research or teaching purposes only
  • Access the Digimap service

Every copy must include an acknowledgement:

  • If less than A4: “© Crown Copyright ED 100018888”
  • If more than A4: “Reproduced from the [year of publication] Ordnance Survey® [name and scale, eg Landranger ® 1:50,000] map with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office. © Crown Copyright. University of Leeds, Leeds, LS2 9JT. ED 100018888”

Our licence does not allow us to:

  • Copy any OS maps for anything other than internal educational, research or teaching purposes
  • Make colour copies greater than A4 of maps of scales of 1:25000 or smaller
  • Scan OS maps without specific permission