Databases A-Z

GSA Library subscribes to thousands of online resources, including e-books, e-journals and streaming video. These resources are great for essays or dissertations, and can be accessed even when the physical library is closed.

Here you will find an A-Z list of some of the most useful and popular of these resources. This is only a small percentage of the total online resources we provide, and you will discover lots more whenever you search our catalogue.

Accessing Our Resources

  • If you are accessing these resources off-campus, you will need to log in with your GSA network credentials. The steps for doing so are slightly different between resources, but our catalogue will explain in full the steps you need to take in each case.
  • Due to licensing restrictions, our online resources are only available to GSA students and staff and not to external members.

Key Texts

Key texts are readings that GSA tutors have included in their academic resource lists. You will find the resource list for your particular programme of study in Canvas, and this will link to the specific texts your tutor would like you to read. Alternatively, you can browse the complete collection of key texts that are available to you digitally at the links below. Login with your GSA network credentials.

Architectural Plans & Details


Data & Statistics

Film & Sound


Journal Articles

Maps & Geospatial


Theses, Dissertations & Research Papers

A small number of undergraduate dissertations and critical journals are available to read digitally in Canvas.