Emancipating Our Collections

Interrogating Our Historical Collections

Glasgow School of Art Library is committed to supporting both institutional and student-led initiatives to diversify the curriculum. We are also committed to being transparent about volumes in our special and historical collections, and have identified a small number of older volumes that contain writings or images that are problematic for a modern, diverse audience. We are working with colleagues from the Race, Rights & Sovereignty programme to provide safe, respectful and consensual forums in which you can interrogate, contest and debate these volumes.

Encouraging You to Shape Our Collections

We actively welcome purchase suggestions for books or DVDs from all members of the GSA community, and are proud to satisfy around 90% of all the suggestions we receive. If you would like to suggest a purchase, let us know here. Our form enables you to tell us when you think a title may help to diversity our collections.

Encouraging You to Work With Our Collections

Read The Hatchery to discover how students, artists, writers and creatives have used our collections to inspire, challenge or expand their practice. In recent years we have supported GSA student societies the People of Colour Group and Responsive Art & Design Group to showcase collections on race and diversity, and on sustainability and economic empowerment.