ePayments for Printing

This User Guide will help GSA students to use ePayments for Printing, the online facility for managing print credit. The guide is in two sections.

The first section will help you to sign up for an ePay account, which you must do before being able to manage your print credit.

If you have already signed up for an ePay account, click here to jump to the second section, for instructions on how to add credit, view your balance and print receipts.

Signing up for an ePay account


In any web browser, navigate to: www.gsa.ac.uk/epaymentsforprinting

Click Sign Up.


  • Enter your email address – this must be your GSA email, in the format: a.surname1@student.gsa.ac.uk
  • Create a password. This must contain both letters and numbers.
  • Enter your first and last names.
  • Enter your Network Username. This is your normal GSA username, in the format: a.surname1
  • Enter your Network Password. This is your normal GSA password.

You may wish to check the box Do not use my information for marketing purposes.

Click Sign Up.


An email will then be sent to your GSA email account, accessible at mail.office365.com (check your Clutter and Junk folders if it doesn’t arrive in your Inbox). You must click the link in the email to verify your ePayments for Printing account.

You can then log in to add print credit.

For instructions, see the next section.

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Using ePayments for Printing



Once you have signed up for an account, you can log in to ePay to manage your print credit:

  • In any web browser, go to: www.gsa.ac.uk/epaymentsforprinting
  • Check I accept the use of cookies.
  • Enter the full e-mail address with which you signed up (your GSA email in the format a.surname1@student.gsa.ac.uk).
  • Enter the password that you created when you signed up for an ePay account (which contains both letters and numbers).
  • Click Login.

epay_4Once you have logged in, your Account Summary page will show your current balance.

To add print credit, select Fund Account.


Enter your payment details:

  • The minimum sum which can be added is £3
  • The address must be that at which your payment card is registered – the details must match those held by your bank

To print a receipt, click View Statement on the Account Summary page.

You can use this credit to print from any multi-functional device (printer/photocopier) on GSA Campus.

If you graduate or leave GSA and want a refund, please complete the Print Credit Refunds Form and bring it to the Learning Technology Helpdesk on Level 2 of the GSA Library.

If you have any problems, please visit the Helpdesk in person, or email a screenshot and description of the problem to LTHelp@gsa.ac.uk.

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