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InfosmART is our award-winning portfolio of easy-to-follow interactive modules in information, study and research skills. All InfosmART modules are self-directed, so you can follow each module from start to finish, or dip in and out when you need specific information. All InfosmART content is written in easy-to-understand language and is designed for you to work through at your own pace.

Click on any of the modules below to access the InfosmART 5-step programme.

DEFINE: Learn how to recognise your information need, find keywords that describe it, and select sources to satisfy it.
FIND: Learn how to search the sources you have selected quickly and effectively.
EVALUATE: Learn how to evaluate the information you find for authority, currency, relevance, accuracy and other criteria.
CITE: Learn how to cite the information you find as references and bibliographies in your own work.
USE: Learn how to use information safely within the law.

If you are a tutor or academic, and would like ideas for integrating InfosmART into your teaching, access our Tutor’s Toolkit.