Statement of Public Task

The Learning Resources Department at the Glasgow School of Art operates within a complex Higher Education environment. It is subject to internal regulatory processes and to applicable external legislation including the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2015.

Learning Resources is divided operationally into two areas:

  • Library
  • Archives and Collections

The Library service operates in line with the following core functions:

  • To support the teaching, learning and research activities of the Glasgow School of Art through
    • the provision of information resources, both in print and in electronic formats
    • the provision of learning technologies, including a virtual learning environment
    • the provision of study spaces, including technology-enabled spaces such as computing facilities
    • the provision of support, collections-based teaching, and library and learning technology skills-based training to students and staff
  • To engage with the wider community through provision of external membership and walk-in visitor arrangements, as well as through the online delivery of specific publicly-accessible digital collections.

The Archives and Collections service operates in line with the following core functions:

  • To support GSA staff and students in their teaching, learning, artistic practice and research activities
  • To support the School’s administrative functions
  • To enable the wider community to access and enjoy GSA’s heritage

The service does this by collecting, safeguarding and making accessible the materials it holds in trust for society and which serve as the institutional memory of the GSA.

In order fulfil their core functions both the Library and Archives and Collections produce, disseminate, hold and use a large number of information assets that are presented in various formats. The two key online access points for these items are

In addition, the services re-use information to:

  • Create electronic and print resources about our holdings and services, such as collection guides and blog posts
  • Provide tailored information in response to specific research and/or reprographic enquiries, as well in the preparation of collections-based teaching materials.

Details about accessing information from the Glasgow School of Art Library and Archives and Collections holdings can be found in the following online documents:

You can contact the Library via and the Archives and Collections via