Learning Technology Help & FAQs

If you have any questions relating to IT in the library, or experience any problems, we have a Learning Technology Help Desk , you can email us at LTHelp@gsa.ac.uk

Our Computer Centre is currently closed due to COVID19 health and safety precautions, we are getting ready to open from 5th October.  The facility is an open-access area located on Level 2 of the library, which is available to all GSA students and staff to use. The area has both iMacs and Windows PCs, all with the full Adobe suite, MS Office and Internet access. Unfortunately, our computing facilities are not available to external members of the Library.  Our facilities will be available for appointment only booking from 5th October.

You can find updates from our Learning Technology team on our eLearning Blog

If you have any questions about Learning Technology you can contact us at LTHelp@gsa.ac.uk. However, please browse the following User Guides, which will answer many of the more common questions:

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I access my GSA email on the web?

How do I add my GSA email account to the email app on my phone or tablet?


How do I connect my device to GSA WiFi? (GSA students/staff)

How do I connect my device to GSA WiFi? (Guests and Visitors)


How do I print from library computers?

How do I print from my own laptop, tablet or smartphone?

How do I use the library printers/photocopiers/scanners?

How do I compress a batch of images so that they print more quickly?


Where can I save my work when using the library computers?

Software Support

Where can I find online help with Photoshop, Illustrator or nearly any other piece of software?