Managing your WiFi-registered devices

This User Guide will help GSA students and staff to manage the devices that they have registered for WiFi access on the GSA network.

You can register a maximum of five devices for GSA WiFi access. If you have reached your limit and wish to register a new device, you will have to delete one of your existing devices.


In any web browser, navigate to:

(If you are presented with a security warning, you can proceed to the website.)


Enter your student username in the format: a.surname1
Staff usernames are in the format: a.surname

Enter your normal GSA password.

Click Sign On.


You will see a list of all of your registered devices.

To edit or delete a device registration, click on the arrow next to the device name.


You will be presented with various options.

If you no longer wish to use the device to connect to GSA WiFi, select Delete.

Selecting Lost or Stolen will allow you to temporarily suspend the device registration, meaning that someone who finds your device will be unable to use it to connect to GSA WiFi. You can reinstate the registration at a later date if you find the device.

Selecting Edit will allow you to change the device name.

Once you have finished, you can Sign Out by clicking on your username, in the top right hand corner of the screen.

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