Planet eStream and Off-Air Recording Requests

GSA Planet eStream is our online streaming platform that gives GSA staff and students access to over 2 million TV and radio broadcasts. We have well over a thousand items in our collection already but are adding more all the time.

We are happy to receive requests for off-air recording of TV broadcasts to be added to our online streaming platform Planet eStream. This service is provided under the terms of our Educational Recording Agency licence and only applies to programmes broadcast on terrestrial or Freeview channels (excluding Open University programmes). If you would like to request that something be added to Planet eStream you can use the Planet eStream Connect resource.

Once you have found the required item, click on the ‘Import to Planet eStream’ box. You will then be asked to select a Category for the item- look at the list of Categories and select one or more that best describes the item and then click the ‘Create’ box. It will be imported into our collection. This should not take longer than 48 hours.

If the required recording cannot be found on the Planet eStream Connect resource, please provide details of the programme, film, or series that you would like to see added to our collection below…