Printing & Photocopying

There are five colour multi-function devices (MFDs) available within the library. These machines are used for both photocopying and printing. Two MFDs are available in the Printing and Photocopying Room on Level 0 and three more are situated on Level 2.

Our Current Charges:

  • A4 Black and White: 5p
  • A3 Black and White: 9p
  • A4 Colour: 15p
  • A3 Colour: 25p

Guests and Visitors

Visitors wishing to print or copy should request a Visitor Print Card when signing in at Service Desk.


If you graduate or leave GSA and want a refund on your unused credit, please complete the Print Credit Refunds Form and bring it to the Learning Technology Helpdesk on Level 2 of the library. This form must then be signed by Registry and taken to the Finance Office.

Copyright Restrictions

There are important legal restrictions on what you can photocopy and print within the Library, and how much. For more information please consult our Copyright Guidelines page.

Please also take time to read the guidance displayed near the copiers. This will tell you what you are allowed to copy, and what you are not permitted to copy. It is important that you adhere to these limits.

If you are unsure about what you are allowed to photocopy whilst in the library, just ask at the library Service Desk.