Reading Lists for Academics

To make a reading list to accompany your CANVAS course or to request scans please download a Blank Reading List Form, fill it in and send it back to us at We will email you to confirm receipt of your list and again when your reading list has been processed and uploaded to CANVAS.



A reading list consists of sources of readings and viewings that assist the students studying a course. By delivering these to the library, we can ensure that relevant items are part of our collection and accessible to students. We can also upload them to CANVAS where students can access more information about them online.


Our reading lists are split into 3 sections – scanning, key reading and additional reading:

  • The Library provides a scanning service where short extracts from key texts can be uploaded to CANVAS as PDFs in the reading list section or as hyperlinks to integrate into course material. These scans are then available for students enrolled on the course to read directly. All scanning of material to be shared with students must be done by the Library staff to comply with the terms of the GSA’s license from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA). Under no circumstances is it possible for staff to upload personal scans (or hyperlinks to external platforms containing personal scans) to CANVAS.
    N.B. This service is provided under the terms and conditions of the Copyright Licensing Agency, this permits us to scan a maximum of 10% of a text, a single chapter or an article whichever is the greater. As part of our agreement scanning and its distribution amongst the student body must be managed and undertaken by Library staff only.


  • Key Reading are texts which cannot be scanned and uploaded onto CANVAS, this could be because they are excluded from the CLA license or that you require students to refer to a quantity of text beyond our scanning limitation. We keep key text and DVDs in our short loan section at the front desk.


  •  Additional Reading are texts which are useful but not essential reading (these can also be DVDs or journals). By adding items into this section, tutors can provide resources for students to explore a subject in relation to personal areas of interest and to ensures that our library collection caters for the diverse range of courses that GSA has to offer.


VIEWING YOUR READING LISTS Your reading lists are in CANVAS. Go to your course and click on the “Reading List” link in the left-hand menu bar.



It is very important that you send us any reading list that you issue to your students. This enables us to ensure that the texts you expect them to study are available, and that your students have equal access to essential resources for the duration of your course or project. Tutors are kindly asked to submit their reading lists to the Library at least 2 weeks prior to their course commencing.



For key texts on your reading list we will ensure that the collection includes either:

  • A digital copy where this is available


  • At least one print copy or DVD in our Short-Loan Collection at the front desk plus additional copies depending on student numbers in the main lending collection. All print materials in the Short-Loan Collection are loaned for 3 hours whereas DVDs in the short-loan collection can be borrowed for 24 hours.