Resource Lists for Academics

To make a resource list to accompany your Canvas course, or to request scans please download a blank Resource List form, fill it in and send it back to us at We will email you to confirm receipt of your list and again when your list has been processed and uploaded to Canvas.


A resource list consists of the learning resources for a particular course. These might be books, articles, book chapters, television programmes, or objects from the GSA’s archives and collections. Bringing these together into a single list is helpful for students, and means that the Library can check that we have the relevant items in the collection, creating digital scans or buying more copies as necessary.

GSA Resource Lists are split into 2 sections:

  1. Key Resources are those that it is expected everyone on the course will need to access. If these are texts then the Library will endeavour to make digital copies available, either through buying a digital version or scanning the material in-house. Where this is not possible the Library will keep multiple print copies in the short-loan section at the main service desk.

  2. Additional Resources are those which are useful but not essential to all students on the course. By adding items into this section, tutors can provide resources for students to explore a subject in relation to personal areas of interest, and ensure that our library collection caters for the diverse range of courses that GSA has to offer.


Providing digital copies of key articles and chapters on resource lists is an excellent way to support student learning. The Library provides a scanning service to support this and all scanning of material to be shared must be done by the Library according to the terms of the GSA’s license from the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA). The CLA licence permits the Library to make multiple copies of copyrighted material for staff and students of the Glasgow School of Art, only if 

  • the material is covered by the CLA Licence
  • a maximum of 10% / one chapter / one article is included
  • Glasgow School of Art owns an original published edition of the book or journal

Occasionally certain publishers will not allow us to scan their output, or specific works in their collection. However, the library will always work with you to find a suitable alternative.

The Library ensures that

  • All the relevant copyright checks are undertaken
  • The material is scanned under the terms of the CLA
  • The correct copyright declarations are displayed alongside the scanned material
  • The scans are deposited and managed securely within the CLA digital content store
  • Reporting of all scanned and uploaded files is made to the CLA as is required under the terms of the licence

Note that under the terms of the CLA license staff and students are able to make personal scans or copies in line with copyright legislation, but these cannot be uploaded to Canvas. Copyright guidelines can be found here:


Resource lists are in Canvas. Go to your course and click “Reading and Online Resource List” in your course Modules area. To view resource lists from all courses across GSA, click the “Resource Lists” icon in the menu on the far left of any page in Canvas. (These navigation options will be coming on-stream for the 19/20 academic session.)


For key texts on your resource list we will ensure that the collection includes either:

  • A digital copy where this is available or can be created through scanning


  • At least one print copy or DVD in our Short-Loan Collection at the front desk plus additional copies depending on student numbers in the main lending collection. All print materials in the Short-Loan Collection are loaned for 3 hours whereas DVDs in the Short-Loan collection can be borrowed for 24 hours.