Scanning Facilities for Students

There are a variety of scanners available to use within the library. These are attached to the computers in our Computer Centre on Level 2 of the library. We have three A3 scanners, two of which are attached to iMacs and one that is attached to a PC. There are also a number of A4 scanners attached to computers.

Scanners attached to the iMacs can also scan photographic film – just pop along to the Computer Centre Office to retrieve one of the special film trays. We have one Canon scanner that can scan in Medium Format (120) film – this scanner is attached to one of the iMacs.

Full instructions on how to use these scanners can be found by consulting our Frequently Asked Questions.

The following scanners are available:

  • – 2 A3 scanners
  • – 10 A4 scanners (that will also scan 35mm film)
  • – 1 A4 scanner (that will also scan 120mm Medium Format film)
  • – 7 A4 scanners