Sending files to print from a GSA Library Mac or PC

This User Guide will help GSA students and staff to print files from the networked Macs and PCs in the Library. It is also possible for students and staff to print wirelessly from their own device – laptop, tablet or smartphone. For assistance, please consult the Wireless Printing guide.

Printing from a Library Mac or PC

In any application, on Mac or PC, select File > Print. This will bring up the print dialogue box.

GSA Print and GSA Print Colour Print options


To print in black and white or colour, select the appropriate printer from the Printer list:

GSAPrint is the default printer – this prints in black and white.
GSAPrint-Colour should be selected to print in colour.

With the correct printer selected, click Print.

You can now release your print at any MFD (printer/photocopier) on the GSA campus. For assistance, see the Using the Library MFDs guide.


The default setting is to print double-sided on A4 paper. To print on A3 paper, or single-sided, please adjust these settings before sending the file to print. The method of adjusting these settings varies according to the application and the operating system from which you are printing. For assistance, please ask at the Learning Technology Helpdesk on Level 2 of the Library, or consult the user guides available in the Library Computer Centre.

The larger your file, the more slowly it will print. Images can often be resized and/or compressed before printing, without a visible deterioration in quality. This is particularly advisable if you are printing multiple images in one file. For assistance, please consult the Batch compressing images in Photoshop User Guide.

Print prices

Black+White A4: 5p per page
Black+White A3: 9p per page

Colour A4: 30p per page
Colour A3: 50p per page

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