Subject Guides: Health & Wellbeing

Cover of Health & Wellbeing resource guide

Sometimes academic study, life events, working with others and socialising can leave us feeling a little stressed, tired, upset or even fearful. It is important to remember that it is perfectly understandable to feel this way. There are lots of resources available in GSA Library to provide support, and to help you get back on track.


Storytelling, creative writing and reading have long been recognised for their therapeutic potential and the use of books and reading to support our emotional and mental well-being is known as bibliotherapy. Studies show that reading has therapeutic benefits and is useful in finding and developing strategies for addressing a wide range of difficulties including depression, anxiety and communication or relationship issues. Bibliotherapy can be undertaken independently as a personal journey or guided reading may be recommended as part of working with a counsellor or other mental health professional. Whatever the circumstances bibliotherapy can help you to better understand and find new perspectives or ways of looking at feelings, thoughts or behaviours that trouble you, reflect on your own experience and learn from the experience of others. The following list is a starting point and a collation of texts that others have found helpful.

Our colleagues in GSA Counselling Services have compiled a reading list of books that others have found helpful. All these books are available in the library for you to read or borrow.


Silent Reading Room

If you are looking for a quiet place to read then visit the Silent Room in the library. You can find it on the map here. Switch off the technology, lounge on a bean bag and take some time to relax and enjoy the pleasure of reading.

Browse Our Shelves

There are lots of sections of the library that can help you make sense of the world, learn more about yourself and others, develop your skills, and increase your wellness. The useful shelfmarks below will help you.

Understanding Ourselves and Others

  • 150 Psychology
  • 152.4 Emotion and reaction
  • 155.2 Identity
  • 155.4 Child psychology
  • 190 Philosophy

Celebrating Difference

  • 305.3 LGBTQI
  • 305.31 Masculinities
  • 305.4 Feminism
  • 305.8 Race
  • 371.9 Cognition and disability

Coping with Change and Loss

  • 153.1 Memory and remembrance
  • 615.85156 Arts therapies
  • 616.078 Death

Exploring Faith and Belief

  • 270 Christianity
  • 294 Buddhism and Hinduism
  • 296 Judaism
  • 297 Islam
  • 299.5 Tao and Shinto
  • 299.6 African religions

Caring for Our Bodies

  • 612 The body
  • 616.852 Health and well-being
  • 641 Food cultures
  • 796 Sport and exercise

Connecting with Nature

  • 577 Green living
  • 580 Plant Life
  • 590 Animal Life

Browse Journals and Magazines

We subscribe to over 200 journals and magazines, but you may find the following particularly useful:

All our print journals are arranged on our shelves alphabetically by title, with the latest issues found in the reading area on Level 1 of the library. In many cases we also stock back-runs, and these can be found on rolling shelves towards the back of Level 0.

Our eMagazines service allows you to discover digital magazines across art, design and architecture, and read them online. For many of our magazines, past issues are also available for you. You can even download our e-magazines to your mobile device for offline reading – perfect for when you are out and about.

Relax With Our Collections

Relax with our Fiction, Graphic Fiction and Poetry sections and discover fascinating stories and insights.

Watch films, animations and documentaries with our DVD collection. It is located on Level 0 of the library and provides around 2000 artists’ films, documentaries, animations and movies. Our Borrowing Material page provides information on your borrowing entitlements.

Zine Library

Our Zine Library can be found next to the current journals on Level 1 of the Library. As well as DIY publications by artists, the zine collection also contains small-press publications about race, economics, identity, society, and politics.

Other Sources of Support

Outside the library, there are lots of other sources of support, guidance and help available to you across GSA: