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This quick guide provides you with information on the collections, services and facilities that are useful for your subject area, all helpfully gathered together in one place.

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Before You Start

Watch our short orientation videos for quick bitesize guidance on how to access and use our collections and facilities.

Discover the Library

Use Discover to search across our print collection of 60,000 books and journals, as well as the 1000s of online resources we subscribe to on your behalf, all from a single search box. Your results will provide details of a resource’s physical or virtual location and its availability. Read our Borrowing Materials page to find out more about how to borrow from us and your entitlements.

Find Your Key Texts

Your programme leaders or tutors may provide lists of key texts that you are required to read as part of your studies. To access your list of texts, log into Canvas and browse the left-hand menu of your course.

Reference copies of most of your required readings will be held at our Service Desk and can be borrowed for up to 3 hours. Extra copies, where possible, can be found on the open shelves and borrowed for 3 weeks. These are complemented, where available, by electronic versions which are perfect for quick reading, checking facts, or for when the library is closed.

Access Your Course Materials

Canvas provides access to all your course materials, from timetables to project briefs, and from contact details to assignments.

Browse Our Shelves

There may be times when you simply want to browse the library’s shelves for books on particular topics – the useful shelfmarks below will help you.

  • 001.4 Research methodologies and study skills


  • 746.3 Tapestry
  • 746.4 Needlework and sewing
  • 746.4222 Macrame
  • 746.432 Knitting
  • 746.434 Crocheting
  • 746.44 Embroidery
  • 746.443 Cross-stitch
  • 746.445 Applique
  • 746.46 Quilting
  • 746.5 Beadwork

Cloth Production

  • 746.12 Spinning
  • 746.14 Weaving
  • 746.6 Printing
  • 746.66 Dyeing
  • 746.662 Batik
  • 746.92041 Pattern cutting


  • 746.092 Textile designers A-Z
  • 746.92092 Fashion designers A-Z


  • 746.0411 Linen
  • 746.0439 Silk
  • 746.22 Lace
  • 746.409 Denim
  • 746.432 Wool

Fashion Theory and History

  • 746.47 Sustainable fashion
  • 746.9201 Fashion theory
  • 746.92022 Fashion illustration
  • 746.920903 Pre-20th century fashion
  • 746.920904 20th century fashion


  • 746.931 Men’s fashion
  • 746.933 Children’s fashion
  • 746.93413 Shoes
  • 746.9344 Bags and accessories
  • 746.9381 Sportswear
  • 746.9383 Uniform
  • 746.9386 Theatrical costume


  • 745.4 Decoration, pattern and ornamentation
  • 746.6 Toiles
  • 746.92089 Tartan

Search Databases

To complement our print collections, we subscribe to hundreds of online resources, from e-books to e-journals, and from image databases to film. These resources are great for essays or dissertations, and can be accessed even when the library is closed. To find out how to access our electronic resources off-campus, see our Databases A-Z page.

Databases with most relevance to your subject include:

Browse Journals and Magazines

Journals and magazines are a great way of keeping up-to-date with contemporary practice in your field, because it can take a while for cutting-edge practice to be written up in books.

All our print journals are arranged on our shelves alphabetically by title, with the latest issues found in the reading area on Level 1 of the library. In many cases we also stock back-runs, and these can be found on rolling shelves towards the back of Level 0.

Please note that, unlike our books, journals are reference-only and cannot be borrowed, though individual articles can be photocopied subject to copyright limits.

Alongside our print journals, we also subscribe to 1000s of electronic journals. Journals and magazines with most relevance to your subject include:

Read Magazines On-The-Go

Our eMagazines service allows you to discover digital magazines across art, design and architecture, and read them online. For many of our magazines, past issues are also available for you. You can even download our e-magazines to your mobile device for offline reading – perfect for when you are out and about.

Watch Film and Moving Image

Planet estream is a video streaming service offering access to nearly 2,000 off-air recordings of films, documentaries and animation across a host of subjects, with new content being added all the time. Search for content by keyword or category

MUBI is a curated showcase of independent and arthouse cinema. GSA students can sign up for a free account here.

Our DVD collection is located on Level 0 of the library and provides around 2000 artists’ films, documentaries, animations and movies. Our Borrowing Material page provides information on your borrowing entitlements. Our Databases A-Z page provides information on the online film and moving image resources available to you.

Discover The Stoddard-Templeton Collection

GSA Library hold’s the design library of carpet manufacturers A. F. Stoddard of Elderslie and James Templeton of Glasgow, once the world’s pre-eminent carpet designers.

The Design Library was the company’s in-house library that supported the design process of its designers. It was used to inspire the company’s designers, or to enable them to source motifs that could then be incorporated into their own textile designs. The library was often the starting point in the design process, providing initial ideas for subsequently developed designs.

The library is a rich source of material in the areas of carpet design, textiles, ornament, flat pattern, and textile interiors. It was amassed from the mid-19th century right up to the early 21st century. Templeton’s and Stoddard’s were alive to contemporary continental developments in art and design, and a good proportion of their library material, especially from the 1880s to the 1930s, was acquired from abroad.

Discover the Arts Pedagogy Collection

Our Arts Pedagogy Collection provides a fascinating insight into earlier models of textiles teaching. Many of the books purchased by Glasgow School of Art in the late 19th and early 20th centuries were designed to support a highly didactic curriculum. Today they shed an important light on positivist modes of art teaching and how these differ from today’s more constructivist pedagogies. The collection is particularly strong in books on textile and cloth design.

Read Past Dissertations

We hold past dissertations from most GSA programmes of study, often going back several years. Many students like to look at previous examples of successful dissertations when beginning to prepare their own. All our dissertations can be browsed here.

Other Useful Resources

Depending on your interests or the projects or electives you undertake, the following resources may also prove useful to you during your studies.

Can’t Find What You Are Looking For?

There will be times when you require resources that even the most specialist of libraries cannot supply. But don’t worry, as there as several ways in which you can access the resources you need.

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