Searching Planet eStream

To help you get the most out of what’s available on Planet eStream, we thought we would give you some guidance on how to search for content.

You’ll find the search bar in the middle of the Planet eStream homepage after signing in.

This is where you can enter keywords to surface content. Why not try searching for climate justice to see how many results you get?

You can then sort the results using the order by button. Why not try date, so you can see the most recent content first?

Select Show Filters to see more ways to narrow down your results. Why not try looking for content <60 minutes or within a specific category, such as Sustainability?

You can also use the Subtitle search by selecting Tools (at the top of the page) and then subtitle search. This is a really good way to search for content that mentions artists or designers you are interested in. Try making a search for an artist you like to see how this works. You’ll see a preview clip of each time your search term is mentioned, which lets you check if the video is relevant.

You can also browse by visiting Categories and then taking a look at what you find. You mind find sub categories, playlists, or videos. Take a look at Sound, Music and Dance.

If you prefer you can watch a demo of the above information: