Using the Library MFDs (printers/photocopiers/scanners)

This User Guide will assist GSA students and staff in using the Library MFDs (Multi-Functional Devices – printers/photocopiers) to release files sent to print, or to photocopy. Before beginning, please note:

Any MFD on the GSA campus can be used to print jobs sent from any networked computer on campus. Note that print jobs must have been sent prior to logging on to an MFD. Only GSA students and staff are able to print in this way.

Library MFDs can also be used as photocopiers, and as scanners. They cannot be used to print from USB drives. For help with using the MFDs as scanners, see the Using the MFDs to scan to email user guide. It is also possible to print wirelessly from your own device.

MFDs can print in both black and white and colour; if you wish to print in colour, you must select this option when sending your file to print from a computer – you cannot adjust colour settings on the MFD (unless you are using the photocopier).

Students can only print or photocopy if they have credit on their print account.

Only paper supplied by GSA Library can be used in the Library MFDs.

Using the MFDs


Use the touchscreen to log on to the MFD. (If the screen is blank, press the blue illuminated button to wake the machine.)

Touch User Name.


Use the touchscreen keyboard to enter your normal GSA username, in the format: a.surname1

Touch OK.

Touch Password.

Enter your normal GSA password.

Touch OK.


You will now see this screen.

At the top, you can view your current print credit.

Beneath this, you will see a list of all the jobs that you have sent to print.

mfds_4Before printing, check the price of the job to ensure that you have correctly sent your file to print in either black and white or colour:

B+W A4: 5p per page
B+W A3: 9p per page

colour A4: 30p per page
colour A3 50p per page


Select a job to print by touching it – it will turn yellow.

To select all jobs, touch Select All.

Once all jobs to be printed have been selected, touch Print. Your job will be printed, and it will disappear from your jobs list. Touching Print+Hold will print the job, but it will still be available in your jobs list.

To delete jobs, select them and then touch Delete. You will not be charged for jobs which are not printed.

Once you have finished printing, touch Logout.

To access photocopying functions


Having logged in, to access photocopying functions:

press the Home button;
touch Copier.

To log out when using photocopying functions:

press the Home button;
touch Pull Print;
touch Logout.



If, having pressed Print, your print is not produced, check to see whether the blue light is flashing. If it is, then it means that the MFD is processing a job. The larger your file, the longer it will take to process, but if the blue light is flashing then the print will be produced in due course. Large files – such as high resolution images – should be compressed before being sent to print, to reduce processing time. See the User Guide on batch compressing images for assistance.

If the blue light is flashing but you are sure that the file that you are printing is not excessively large, then the MFD may still be processing a previous user’s job. You may save time by sending the file to print again, and logging on to a different MFD to print it, though in this instance you will be charged twice; alternatively you can wait – your print will be produced eventually.


A red light means that the MFD is temporarily out of order. Please inform a member of staff who may be able to solve the problem. If the red light illuminates in the middle of a job, the remainder of the interrupted print job will be produced once the problem has been addressed.

If you think that you have been incorrectly charged for a print job, try logging out of the MFD and logging on again to check your balance – in some circumstances, you may have been incorrectly charged, but the balance will be restored upon logging out. If you still feel that you have been incorrectly charged, please see a member of staff in the Learning Technology office on Level 2 of the Library.

If you see a message advising you to ‘Set Key Card’, it means that you need to top up your print credit. You will have to log out and log back in again before added print credit appears in your account balance.

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