Using the MFDs to scan to email

This User Guide will help GSA students and staff to use the Library MFDs (printers/photocopiers/scanners) to scan documents. These scanned files can then be sent to any email address as attachments.

All of the Library MFDs are capable of scanning, though the interface varies on different machines. MFDs elsewhere in GSA may not be configured to scan in this way.

As scans are sent via email, the MFDs are recommended for making quick, lower quality scans, to generate smaller files. For higher quality scanning, it is recommended to use the flatbed scanners attached to the Macs/PCs. For instructions on how to use the flatbed scanners, see the Scanning in GSA Library user guide.


Use your standard GSA username and password to log on to an MFD.


Press the Home button (or touch the Home icon on touchscreen-only machines).


Touch the Scanner icon.


On the Scanner screen, ensure that the E-mail tab is selected, then touch Manual Entry. Alternatively, on touchscreen-only machines:

ensure that the Scan to Email option is selected.

Touch Specify destination(s).

Touch Enter Using Keyboard.


Enter the e-mail address to which you would like the scanned documents to be sent.

Touch OK (touch Done on touchscreen-only machines)


Lift the lid of the MFD and place the material to be scanned face-down on the scanner glass. Placing your material at the top-left hand corner of the glass helps the scanner to auto-detect the size of the item that you are scanning. Stacks of documents can be scanned quickly using the auto document feeder on top of the lid.


Before scanning, check the settings.

Touch Scan Settings to adjust the image type, resolution and scan size. Scanning in colour and at higher resolutions generates larger file sizes, which can cause the email to fail. Scan at lower resolutions (eg 200dpi) and in black and white or grayscale where possible.

For higher quality scanning, use the flatbed scanners attached to the Macs and PCs.

Touch Send File Type/Name to adjust file settings (eg JPEG or PDF; scans sent separately or combined into one file).

On touchscreen-only machines, these settings can be adjusted by touching Send Settings:

Touching Preview will allow you to review an image of the scan that has been generated, prior to emailing it. This preview will appear once you have finished scanning.


When you are ready to scan, press or touch the green button.

If you are scanning multiple pages, place the next page on the scanner glass, and press the green button again. Continue to do this until you have scanned all of your pages.

After having scanned the final page, follow the on-screen instruction to either press the # key on the keypad, or touch Finish Scn.

If you opted to view a Preview, it will appear at this point: you can choose to either Send the file by email to the address that you specified, or Cancel if you need to reattempt the scan.

If you did not opt to view a Preview, your file will be emailed automatically.


To log out:

press or touch the Home button or icon;

touch Pull Print;

in the bottom-left hand corner of the screen, touch Logout.

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