Where to save your work

As a student at GSA, you have dedicated storage space on the GSA network. You also have a larger storage space available through Microsoft OneDrive. This User Guide will help you to access this storage space.

Avoid storing files locally on individual GSA computers – eg on the desktop or in the documents folder. Files may be deleted when you logout, or during regular computer maintenance.

Your Network Drive

Files saved to your network drive will be available through any networked computer on the GSA campus. Files saved to the network drive on a Mac will be accessible on a PC, and vice versa. They will not be accessible via your own laptop, and are not available via the web.

On a Macstorage_1

Your network drive appears in the dock, next to the Downloads folder. You can save files here as you would to any other folder.

On a PC


Click the Start icon, then click Computer. Your drive should be visible as a Network Location denoted by your username. You can save files here as you would to any other drive or folder.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud-based storage system, which gives you access to your saved files from any device with an internet connection. You do not need to be on campus to use it. It offers 1TB of storage space – much more than your GSA network drive. It also allows you to easily share your files with others.

You can access OneDrive via your GSA webmail.


Log on as normal at mail.office365.com. (See the Accessing GSA Webmail user guide for help.)

Click the Apps icon in the top left hand corner of your screen, then click the OneDrive icon.

STEP 3storage_5

You can now drag and drop files or folders to upload them to OneDrive. You can also select Upload at the top of the screen.

To download a file, right click on the file name and select Download.

Click New to create a new document which will automatically save to OneDrive.

To share your file with others, right click on the file name and select Share.

Always back up your work! As well as using these storage spaces, it is good practice to keep another copy of your work on an external device, such as a USB stick or hard drive.

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