GSA’s New Virtual Classroom Tool : Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate Ultra

How it can be used

Glasgow School of Art has installed a Collaborate Ultra as our Virtual Classroom tool – instructors are already using this to deliver entirely online distance courses, and some are using it for tutorials and other informal communication with students. When ‘turned on’ (send a request to Learning Technology) within a Canvas course, remote sessions can be set up that enable screen recordings to be shared alongside voice calls to give the look and feel of an ordinary lecture/seminar. This is also more than a live tool, as it allows sessions to be saved as recordings, allowing students to revisit the content.

An example of its use is during our Business and Technology Professional Practice module where students who are on placement can receive content delivery and ask questions whilst away from university about their final year assessments.

How to get started

When accessing your module sites on Canvas, at the bottom of the subheadings on the left you will see a “Virtual Classroom’ option. Clicking this link will take you to the Blackboard collaborate main page, where live and scheduled sessions can be found. Clicking these sessions will allow you to view the content. During these sessions, a live chat will be present where questions can be asked from anyone present.

To access previous Blackboard Collaborate sessions, expanding the hamburger menu on the top left, going to recordings and changing the date range from the drop-down menu on the right, allows you to view all previous recordings in the date range. Selecting a recording allows you to watch back the recording.

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